TRX is the authorized representative/reseller of the following equipment manufacturers.

Hydrological Equipment – Borehole Monitoring

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) offers a complete line of recorders (Mini-Diver, Micro- Diver, Cera-Diver and CTD-Diver Baro-Diver) which allow accurate measurements of water levels, temperature and electrical conductivity. This line of products represents the latest innovation in groundwater monitoring offering high quality and long-term reliability. All of these probes are supported by a suite of management, graphing, QA / QC and data reporting software for groundwater monitoring.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

IDS-Ingegnieria dei Sistemi GPR systems allow a wide range of applications from utility / buried objects detection/mapping, concrete analysis to subsurface geologic characterization. IDS is the leader in multichannel and multifrequency GPR.

Among the IDS products the IBIS interferometric radars are found, an innovative technology to monitor displacements in engineering / geotechnical / mining applications.


Seismic Source DAQ Link III seismographs allow covering a wide range of geophysical applications. The acquisition system ranges from 24 to 100`s of channels. This unit can be used for seismic refraction, reflection and surface waves studies. From the same firm 32 bit iSigma wireless seismographs provide versatility for seismic acquisition in any environment and the ability to be combined with DAQ Link systems in long arrays deployments.

SYSCOM builds vibration monitoring systems for civil engineering and seismological applications. Typical examples are seismic instrumentation of nuclear plants, dams and buildings, or vibration measurement systems to civil engineering, site characterization and blasting monitoring.


GEM Systems sells land, air and marine magnetometers. These units include potassium, Overhauser and proton sensors. The magnetometer can be configured with GPS and multi-channel arrangements for different types of applications.


IRIS builds a wide range of equipment for resistivity and induced polarization studies. Each unit can be used in mono or multi-channel configuration (Tomography) for various applications including groundwater/engineering studies and environment mapping. Iris also offers electromagnetic products for mineral exploration and magnetic resonance equipment (NUMIS) for groundwater research.


Geonics is the leader in electromagnetic instruments both in frequency and time domain applications. These include FDEM (EM-31, 34 and 38), TDEM (Protem, TEM 47, 57 and 67), metal detectors (MS 61-63) and VLF equipments.

Well Logging

Mount Sopris instruments are the market leader in borehole logging with innovative geophysical logging systems. Practically all borehole applications can be covered with these equipments and their embedded processing programs.


Hydrological Software

Schlumberger Water Services which TRX represents in Venezuela, offers programs for monitoring, modeling and simulation of groundwater. Within these products are AquaChem, Hydro GeoAnalyst, AquiferTest and Visual MODFLOW.

Seismic Refraction/Reflection and ReMi

TRX is Optim Software official representative in Latin America (with exclusivity in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile). This software house offers the ReMi software (Refraction Micro Tremors), which is a program for surface waves analysis and refraction micro tremors processing, and SeisOpt2D and SeisOptPro programs for seismic refraction tomography. Through an extensive scientific collaboration with Optim Software, customized software/hardware solutions can be provided along with specific training as a function of specific exploration investigation problems and related scientific needs.

Geophysical Software

TRX uses and distributes several geophysical programs from prestigious software houses such as Optim Software, Petros Eikon, Zond Software.

In particular, TRX is the regional representative of ZOND software innovative geophysical software for Resistivity, Electromagnetics (TDEM, MT, CSAMT etc.), Potential fields (gravity-magnetics) and seismic studies. Along with this software purchase specialized courses can be offered in data acquisition and processing both from TRX professionals and Alexander Kaminsky, main scientist at ZOND software.