TRX offers a wide variety of modern software focused on a multidisciplinary integration approach in the interpretation and reporting in mineral, oil, water, geotechnical, engineering and environmental explorations.

Software used:

  • Schlumberger Water Services Visual Modflow, Hydro GeoAnalyst, HydroManager, GW Contour, Aquifer Test.
  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj Geological/Geochemical and Geophysical data Processing.
  • MapInfo-Vertical Mapper / Arcview G.I.S. Data Processing and Integration
  • Er Mapper  Remote Sensing Processing.
  • Emix34plus, Magixxl MagixW, Winsev, Ipi2Win Pro, X2IPI Pro, Res2D-3Dinv, Ip2D, WinSism, Vlfmod, IDS, Emigma, Reflex, ReMi, Seisopt, IX1Dv3, EMMA Geophysical Interpretation Software.
  • Zond Geophysical Software.
  • SADA Spatial Analysis, Risk Assessment and Decisions Support.