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TRX's geoscientists provide a wide experience in the implementation and interpretation of various geochemical techniques applied in soil, water, air / gases studies for Environmental, Engineering / Geotechnical, Edaphologic / Agricultural, Hydrogeological, Mineral, Geothermal and Hydrocarbons Exploration investigations.


Soil Geochemistry

  • Line cutting and Auger type Drilling.
  • Soil sample collection.
  • Physical-Chemical Parameters (pH, T   oC, conductivity).
  • Thermal Resistivity Analysis (thermal diffusivity, specific heat, resistivity/thermal conductivity...).
  • Soil gas field analysis for pollution, hydrocarbon exploration, etc.
  • Data processing, Statistics, Modeling, Interpretation and Reporting. 

Water Geochemistry

  • Sample collection, Lab Analysis.
  • Field Physical-Chemical parameters determination (pH, T ºC, Conductivity, etc.).
  • Dissolved CO2 , O2 and total salt determination.
  • Processing, Statistics, Interpretation and Reporting.
  • Advanced modeling (2D & 3D) of Flow and transport.

Environmental Geochemistry

  • EPA phase I and II Site characterization.
  • Detection of Subsurface Contamination (Vapor Phase, Residual, Dissolved and Free).
  • Soil Gas Surveys.
  • “Direct Push” sampling of soil and groundwater.
  • Monitor Well Positioning, Design and Installation Supervision.
  • Forensic Geochemistry.
  • Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting.


  • Multi  sensor (8 parameters) PID-IR Ecoprobe 5.
  • High resolution PID ION Phocheck Tiger
  • Multi parametric probe  WTW 340i.
  • Thermal Resistivimeter KD2 pro.